Collax V-Cube

Your keys to corporate virtualisation

Enterprise Virtualization Solution

Collax V-Cube is a powerful, reliable virtualization server that is specially tailored to the needs of SMEs.

With Collax V-Cube you can run several servers, operating systems and applications virtually on only one hardware. The consolidation and central administration of the individual servers simplifies the administration of the IT infrastructure and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Data sheet: Collax V-Cube 286 kB

Special functions

Simple and flexible administration

Collax V-Cube has a browser-based, intuitive administration interface with numerous management functions. This also enables remote access to the solution.

Moderne Hypervisor-Technologie

Collax V-Cube uses the KVM hypervisor, which ensures optimal utilization of hardware resources and increases hardware performance. Simultaneous operation of different operating systems on the same hardware is now possible.

Backup and Restore

All virtual machines (VMs) in the cluster can be included in a unified backup. Additional functions such as Instant VM or V-Recovery provide more security. For maximum security and additional backup features, we recommend Acronis Backup Advanced for Collax Virtualization. See Extensions for more information.


Virtual machine snapshots allow you to return to a specific point in time when the VM is running.

Storage virtualization

Different types of virtual hard disks are available for maximum flexibility: File-based images, logical volumes (LV) and expandable disk sizes. With the integration of Collax iSCSI targets, virtual hard disks can be swapped out to a separate, highly available storage.

Monitoring and statistics

Extensive options are available for managing and monitoring the virtual servers and the Collax Virtualization Host: Verification and comparison of processor utilization, memory requirements, hard disk capacity and throughput or network traffic.

Collax V-Cube as Appliance

Collax V-Cube is also available as an appliance (hardware with pre-installed software). Information on suitable hardware solutions can be found on the Collax V-Appliance data sheet.

Data sheet: Collax V-Cube 286 kB
  • Virtualization of hardware, network and storage
  • Minimization of total cost of ownership
  • Remote Management & Configuration
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Maximum performance
  • Central management of VMs
  • Migration tools
  • Simple licensing system

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