Turning solutions into successes

We want to inspire companies. From our solutions, from our services, from our quality. The long-term and trusting cooperation with our customers and partners shows that we also succeed.

Together with our 300 competent partners, we implement 1,000 infrastructure projects per year and ensure that 2,500 small and medium-sized enterprises have their infrastructure under control - cost-efficiently, securely and flexibly.

We would like to introduce some successful companies and their IT solutions to you here.

Aqualogistik GmbH, Möhnesee

Communicate purposefully, work together efficencly, share information

Aqualogistik knows the potential that a modern communication platform offers: efficient exchange of information, effective collaboration, a central point of contact, integration into other business applications and much more. That is why the professional for pond and horticulture relies on the Collax Groupware Suite. The solution was introduced by the longstanding and experienced IT service provider Kurnol + Wohlfahrt

Collax Referenz: Aqualogistik 407 kB

Sebastian Treese architecture and planning office

Creative working - without restrictions

Collax V-Bien Pro is the highly available and secure IT infrastructure on which the architecture and Planning office Sebastian Treese Architekten today is building. The solution supports all that Architects need: the productive and efficient design of work processes and fail-safe provision of applications and data. With holzapple IT-Service the companies have a partner at their side who has not only taken over the implementation, but also provides continuous support.

Collax Referenz: Sebastian Treese Architekten 424 kB

Gesundheitszentrum Fabrik Sonntag

Stable IT infrastructure for professional practice operations

In order to run an office smoothly, a secure and stable IT infrastructure is needed. The Fabrik Sonntag health center recognized this early on and is deploying Collax V-Bien Pro to prevent failures and a continuous practice operation without impairments for patients and the internal organization.

Collax Reference: Gesundheitszentrum Fabrik Sonntag 192 kB

BERGER Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH

One hundred percent stability and security

For Berger Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau, the IT infrastructure is - as for every company in the automotive environment - extremely business-critical. With the change to a new and modern platform, it was clear for the company that high availability is a must. The decision was made in favor of Collax V-Bien.

Collax Reference: BERGER Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH 2767 kB

ZFOS: Zentrum für Orthopädie & Sportmedizin

Collax V-Bien Pro as a platform for high availability

The Munich Centre for Orthopaedics has not only been successful, but has also grown strongly in recent years. The medical facility also used the move to new premises to set up a modern and fail-safe infrastructure as the basis for efficient practice operations.

Collax Reference: Zentrum für Orthopädie & Sportmedizin 2327 kB


Collax V-Bien Pro - the secure platform for GMP-compliant production

As a GMP-compliant contract manufacturer for international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Biomeva must comply with strict legal and regulatory guidelines as well as IT specifications. With Collax V-Bien Pro, the company is up to all requirements and has also created the platform for further growth.

Collax Reference: BIOMEVA GmbH 2364 kB

Praxis Dipl.-Med. Harald Fuss

With Collax V-Bien be up to the challenge of increasing dependencey

Medical institutions today also have to digitally manage their processes and data and take measures to ensure data security and data protection. The practice Dipl.-Med. Harald Fuss has achieved this with Collax V-Bien, the highly available IT infrastructure for small organizations.

Collax Reference: Praxis Dipl.-Med. Harald Fuss 915 kB

Fail-safe infrastructure for the health centre Wildau

15 doctors trust Collax V-Bien Pro

Doctors and medical care centers must be able to rely 100 percent on their IT in order to provide their patients with optimal and fast care and to handle all IT-supported processes. That’s why the Wildau Health Center today relies on a highly available IT infrastructure from Collax.

Collax Reference: Gesundheitszentrum Wildau 315 kB

HKR tool technology: fail-safe and stable in the office and in the field

Collax V-Bien - The right infrastructure for growing requirements

In order to cope with a high volume of orders, adherence to delivery dates and continuous growth, successful companies need an IT platform that is tailored to their needs and can grow even with increasing demands. HKR Werkzeugtechnik therefore relies on a highly available infrastructure from Collax.

Collax Reference: HKR Werkzeugtechnik 338 kB

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Homanit: High availability across locations

Collax V-Cube+: Lean, cost-efficient and reliable …

… this is how Homanit envisions an IT infrastructure. All business-relevant data must be highly available at all four locations. With Collax V-Cube+, the medium-sized production company with four locations was able to implement these requirements.

Collax Reference: Homanit 312 kB

hofmann_röttgen:new IT infrastructure for 18 jobs

Collax V-Bien - High availability at a low price

Even small companies cannot afford a failure of their IT infrastructure. However, investing in a high-availability solution is unacceptable for many. In Collax V-Bien, hofmann_röttgen found the solution: fail-safe, high-performance and at the same time unbeatable in price-performance ratio.

Collax Reference: hofmann_röttgen 1167 kB


Using potentials - creating security with Collax V-Cube+

Like every medium-sized company in the mechanical and plant engineering sector, ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG is confronted with intensified international competition and is faced with the challenge of safeguarding the company’s productivity.

A cost-efficient and reliable IT infrastructure is an important component for mastering these tasks.

Collax Reference: ROFA - Industrial Automation AG 324 kB

Schulte-Lindhorst Service & Logistics

Collax V-Cube+ as the basis for business-critical applications

Transport planning, online freight exchanges, dispatch and freight handling, fleet and transport management, vehicle location - as a logistics and transport company, Schulte-Lindhorst needs an IT platform that is available around the clock and always works reliably. That’s why the company relies on Collax V-Cube+ today.

Collax Reference: Schulte-Lindhorst Service & Logistics 295 kB

BSH - Zentrum für erneuerbare Energien

Play it safe

In times of growing dependence on IT, it is all the more important to protect yourself against data loss, IT failures or incorrect handling of IT solutions. The BSH GmbH & Co. KG today relies on an infrastructure from Collax that guarantees high availability. The project was implemented by CW-Computer - an experienced IT service provider and Collax Platinum Partner.

Collax Reference: BSH - Zentrum für erneuerbare Energien 308 kB

Telenec Telekommunikation Neustadt GmbH

Groupware as a Service

Groupware solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises are often associated with high expenditure and high costs for hardware, licenses, installation and maintenance. Internet Service Provider Telenec offers customers an alternative, cost-effective solution. This is based on the Collax Platform Server, Collax Zarafa Groupware and Collax V-Cube.

Collax Reference: Telenec Telekommunikation Neustadt GmbH 307 kB

Dr. Neuser - the sunny side of rain

Virtualization pays off

Even small companies with less than ten workstations benefit from a virtualized IT infrastructure. Low administration effort, high stability and the possibility to operate mixed operating system environments efficiently have also convinced Dr. Neuser GmbH. Today, the company relies on solutions from Collax.

Collax Reference: Dr. Neuser - the sunny side of rain 306 kB

MTG - the system house for communication technology

Controlled communication

Reliable VPNs, firewalls, surf control and the establishment of secure subnets - MTG communications technology was looking for a solution that could cover all these requirements. The telecommunications specialist opted for the Collax Security Gateway. The high level of performance, flexibility and expandability were the deciding factors.

Collax Reference: MTG - das Systemhaus für Kommunikationstechnik 287 kB

Strobl Service - Water damage removal with system

Collax V-Cube+ as a foundation for further growth

Every year the company Strobl-Service GmbH grows by about 40 percent. This also requires the continuous expansion of IT resources - servers, storage space, line capacities and more. With Collax V-Cube+, the specialist for building renovation and drying now uses a virtualised IT infrastructure that guarantees maximum resource utilisation, high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Collax Reference: Strobl Service - Wasserschadenbeseitigung mit System 305 kB

Press distribution Lütkemeyer

Modernization as a recipe for success

An outdated IT environment not only harbours security risks, but can also be counterproductive, since the cost of maintenance and care is drastically higher than for modern IT infrastructures. Pressevertrieb Lütkemeyer KG therefore decided to fundamentally modernise its own IT. With Collax V-Cube+, the Collax Security Gateway and the Collax Zarafa Groupware, the medium-sized company from Münster has today created a stable and cost-efficient infrastructure in which all components interlock and which can be flexibly scaled.

Collax Reference: Pressevertrieb Lütkemeyer 320 kB

Raiffeisen-Handelsgenossenschaft Schöneck

Tradition meets the modern

A merchandise management system for the head office and 14 branches, secure access from outside via VPN, a consistent and always up-to-date database - these were the requirements of Raiffeisen Handelsgenossenschaft Schöneck for the new IT environment. The basis was to be a stable, secure and future-proof IT platform. The decision was made in favour of Collax V-Cube+, the virtualisation and high availability solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Collax Reference: Raiffeisen-Handelsgenossenschaft Schöneck 291 kB