Release Notes V-Cube & V-Cube+ 6.8.20

Collax V-Cube / Collax V-Cube+

Installation Notes

Install Update within Cluster

Please read the following release notes carefully, before continuing. When installing this update on a Collax V-Cube+ cluster the following steps have to be performed:

/ Important information

Please have a look at the Collax V-Cube 6.8.22 Release Notes if the nodes have Version 6.8.20 or above and haven’t been updated yet. For this update, it is necessary that both nodes are set in maintenance mode simultaneously.


  1. Click at High Availability within the Dashboard.
  2. Select the other (not the local) V-Cube+ node and change into the Start Maintenance dialog.
  3. Now, put this other node into maintenance mode by confirming the query in the dialog. Wait until the maintenance mode is reached. Depending on the number of virtual machines and hard disk, this can take some time. Virtual machines will be migrated live, which can take a few minutes depending on the size of the RAM. The progress will be displayed in the list of background activities.
  4. Close the dialog.
  5. In the list of nodes, select again the other node whose software is to be updated by right-clicking it.
  6. Change to System Update ….
  7. Click Check for Updates. The completion will be displayed as “100%”.
  8. Click Download and Install. This function will download the latest software packages from the update server and install them. The completion will be displayed as Install - 100%.
  9. Close the dialog and set the node to active.
  10. Please repeat this procedure for the local node.

New in this Version

System Management: Sender of Nagios status emails

With this update, notifications will be sent to the e-mail address of the system owner adapted for the service nagios. The package is responsible for active monitoring. Hereby it is directly visible in the subject of the emails, from which server the status mails are sent.

System Management: Active Monitoring of NVMe-devices

This update will provide monitoring and email notification for NVM Express (NVMe) drives. Active monitoring checks the status of connected NVMe drives.

Hardware: Hardwaresupport and Linux Kernel 4.9.124

This update installs Linux kernel 4.9.124. It contains support for the new megaraid_sas drivers for LSI MegaRaid 3508 devices including Broadcom MegaRAID 9460-8i and Fujitsu PRAID EP520i Controllers.

Issues Fixed in this Version

Security: Spectre-v4 Speculative Store Bypass

Security researchers have discovered massive security holes in processors that were developed by security experts These holes were published under the name Meltdown or Spectre. Meltdown is the vulnerability, that allowed unprivileged processes the reading of kernel memory. Spectre is the security hole that exploits that CPUs execute many commands speculatively in advance, resulting in memory areas, that can be tapped. This update installs a feature against Spectre Variant 4 on Intel CPUs called “Speculative Store Bypass”. This protection relies on microcode updates from the processor manufacturer.

Security: Spectre-NG: Protection against processor gap Foreshadow/L1TF

Security researchers have discovered massive security holes in processors that were developed by security experts This update installs a feature against Foreshadow/L1TF.

V-Cube+: CD-/DVD-ROM at position 1 - 4

In the past release, the boot process of a VM failed when the CD-/DVD-ROM drive was specified at first or after the fourth order. The limitation with first order is now gone. Thereis also a validation when saving in the GUI.

V-Cube+: Edit MAC Addresses

By default, the MAC address for the NIC field is hidden. If required, special MAC addresses for the virtual network cards can be entered here. The field is empty at the first call. If no special MAC address is entered, a MAC address is automatically generated. Due to an error in the program code, the option “Edit MAC addresses” could not be used. This is fixed with this update.

GUI: Focus on input fields

Due to a behavior change within the framework for the presentation of the administration interface, input fields had to be clicked twice during the view in the firefox web browser for beeing focussed. This will be corrected with this update.


V-Cube+: Online Snapshots and backups

You can create an online snapshot or an offline snapshot. Apart from creating a separate snapshot disk, an online snapshot stores the current memory state of the machine during operation. You should commit all snapshots before updating to Collax V-Cube+ 6.8.8. Existing online snapshots can be started after the update but their current memeory state will be lost. Same for backups depending on online snapshots.

V-Cube+: Restore virtual harddiscs

From Collax V-Bien version 6.8.15 on the internal path for virtual harddiscs changes and a restore from previous backups isn’t possible anymore without manual intervention. In case of a baremetal resore please use the previous verion or don’t hesitate to contact support.

Misc: Windows Setup notes Error Message 0x80300001

If Windows Server 2008 R2 and above is to be installed on Virtio hard disks using the Virtio driver CD for Windows, Windows reports the error code 0x80300001. The error message occurs if the partitions are recognized and the user clicks the button Next. The message means, that the installation CD of Windows needs to be inserted again.

Misc: Install Collax-Server from template

When installing a Collax Server from a template only Collax Servers from version 7.x and later are supported. The installation of version 5.x is no longer supported.