Uncertainties following the takeover of VMware by Broadcom


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In the midst of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, uncertainty remains, especially as Forrester Research predicts that one in five enterprise customers could abandon VMware. These uncertainties are compounded by concerns about substantial price increases and decreasing support.

Even Cloudcomputing Insider asks: Is this the licence to fleece?

In this phase of change, Collax Virtualisation presents itself as a reliable alternative that not only offers security and high availability, but also protects against the potential challenges following a major takeover.

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We are pleased to present the key points of our VMware campaign.

For every VMware licence that can be proven to have been redeemed (certificate or invoice), you will receive an exclusive 25% special discount on the list price for orders for 1 and 3 years. The discounted price is valid for a usage period of 6 years. In addition, you benefit from the free provision of Collax Central for the entire period of use of your order. With Collax Central, you can keep an eye on all Collax servers at all times.

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  • Collax V-Cube und V-Transfer Bundle

    Discover our exclusive alternative to VMware Essentials. The package consists of two Collax V-Cube and two Collax V-Transfer licences. Collax V-Cube is a virtualisation solution at server level. Collax V-Transfer makes it possible to transfer VMs at the touch of a button.

  • Collax V-Cube+

    High availability and virtualisation for companies of all sizes. Collax V-Cube+ consists of a two-server cluster and also offers high availability.

  • Collax V-Bien

    The complete package for virtualisation and high availability. Collax V-Bien is the all-round carefree package.

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