Collax Virtualisation and High Availability: the secure alternative in a changing IT landscape

Stefan Kaysersberg

In the midst of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, uncertainty remains, especially as Forrester Research predicts that one in five enterprise customers could abandon VMware. These uncertainties are compounded by concerns about significant price increases and declining support. In this period of change, Collax virtualisation presents itself as a reliable alternative that not only offers security and high availability, but also protects against the potential challenges following a major takeover.

Independence from large corporations

The takeover of VMware by Broadcom raises questions about independence and flexibility. Collax virtualisation stands out as an independent solution that is not affected by the turbulence of large corporate takeovers. Companies that opt for Collax can be sure that their virtualisation environment will continue to be tailored to their individual requirements without being dependent on the decisions of a large corporation.

Cost optimisation

Collax not only enables cost-efficient utilisation of resources, but also reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) through its ease of management and maintenance. This is particularly relevant at a time when companies are looking for ways to optimise their IT spend.

Customer proximity and personal support

We offer not only a technologically advanced solution, but also personalised customer support. As anxiety grows among VMware customers, Collax relies on close customer relationships and individual support to ensure that companies are optimally accompanied in every phase of their virtualisation journey.

High availability for uninterrupted processes

Collax virtualisation enables high availability, which means that your systems continue to function smoothly even in the event of hardware failures or other disruptions. This is crucial for organisations that rely on uninterrupted operations. With automatic failover and fast recovery, Collax ensures that your IT infrastructure is always up and running.

Overall, Collax virtualisation presents itself as a trustworthy and future-proof choice in a time of change, uncertainty and market takeovers. Companies looking for stability and innovation will find in Collax a virtualisation solution that delivers on its promises, even after the Broadcom VMware acquisition.

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