Release Notes CBS 5.0.14

Collax Business Server

New in this Version

Backup/Restore: MySQL Backup uses Single-Transaction

From this update the backup of MySQL databases is optimized by the option –single-transaction. Using the table format InnoDB the database is not locked during the backup completely, further transactions can be executed by applications. For the standard table format MyISAM this has no consequences because SQL queries are always executed during a database backup.

Collax Net Security: Extended VNC-Options for SSL-VPN

With this update extended password settings for VNC connections via SSL-VPN are available. In the menu *SSL-VPN-> Applications-> VNC * password settings can be chosen whether a password shall be set for the VNC connection, or whether the session password of the user shall be used, or whether the SSL user should receive a password query of the VNC server (password field blank).

Add-on Software: New Version of Collax Virus Protection

The virus scanner Collax Virus Protection offers comprehensive antivirus protection for email services. Within this Collax system update the scanner is updated to the newest version.

Hardware: Support of AVM GmbH Fritz!PCI v2.0 ISDN rev 02

With this update Collax Server support ISDN boards AVM GmbH Fritz!PCI v2.0 ISDN rev 02. The driver for the AVM Fritz!Card PCI/PCIv2/PnP controller has been enabled. ISDN boards by AVM GmbH Fritz!PCI v2.0 can be installed and run on Collax server.

Hardware: Support of IBM x3550 M2 Type 7946 und LSI MegaSAS 9260

With this update Collax Server support IBM x3550 M2 Type 7946. The driver for the LSI MegaSAS 9260 Raid controller has been rebuild. Collax Server can be installed and run on IBM x3550 M2 Type 7946.

Misc: Zarafa 6.30.14

With this Collax software update the new version 6.30.14 of Zarafa Groupware is available. This version mainly includes improvements and some new funcionality for Zarafa Webaccess. Please find details here:

Issues Fixed in this Version

Security: ClamAV

In the source code of the virus scanner ClamAV security holes have been discovered. These holes will be closed within this software update to the version 0.96.

After updating and the automatically reboot of your Collax Server you have to do a manual pattern update under Settings->Filter->Virus Scanner->ClamAV.

File: Web access and File Share Access

In the Collax Webaccess file share can be accessed via a browser. Under circumstances access to file shares via webaccess was not possible any more. From this update the webaccess authorisations are corrected in relation on file shares which the authorised group may read or write.

E-Mail: Filtering E-Mails globally and per Domain

If e-mails were fetched via POP3 or IMAP from external servers, e-mails are delivered directly as user@FQDN. In this case e-mails can be filtered only if the option Global mail filter was set. If this option was not set, but was substituted with selective filtering per e-mail domain, e-mails hadn’t been neither stored into e-mail archives nor filtered on Spam or viruses. From this update the option Global mail filter needs to be set to archive e-mails or to filter fetched e-mails on Spam and viruses. If at least one of both functions is used, the update sets the option Global mail filter automatically.

Backup/Restore: USB Backup Targets

If an USB device should be setup as a backup target, the warning diskid:The object does not exist was displayed under certain circumstances and the USB device could not be used as backup target. This error is repaired with this update, USB devices can be set up as backup targets.

Collax Net Security: SSL VPN and Users from Active Directory

For SSL-VPN different policies can be assigned to users from an Active Directory. Under circumstances AD users could login theirself via SSL-VPN, but could not access SSL VPN applications. This error is repaired with this update, AD users can access the SSL VPN applications that are assigned to them.

GUI: Warning within Source NAT Rules in Firewall Matrix

The Firewall matrix offers a unique visual representation of filtered network connections. If a rule of the type Source-NAT was saved or edited, a GUI warning was given in the form *Use of uninitialized value *. With this update this error is corrected.

Collax E-Mail Archive: Size of a DVD-5 ISO File

With the E-Mail Archive all in- and outgoing e-mails can be stored into archives. Afterwards archive volumes can be burnt on CD, DVD or Blu-Ray. The ISO file size for DVD-5 was given wrong, so these ISO files could not be burnt on 4.7 GB DVD medias. With this update ISO file size is calculated correctly for DVD-5, archiv volumes can be burnt on a 4.7 GB DVD media. Archiv volumes which ISO file size is up to now greater than 4.7 GB, can be burnt alternatively on DVD-9 or DVD-10 media.

System Management: E-Mail Notification of Admin Login

Collax server inform the administrator about various events via e-mail. Under circumstances the notification could fail if the login on the administration gui is performed. This issue is repaired with this update.

System Management: Delegated Administrator can not manage all Forms

Administration roles are used to delegate individual rights to users who shall administer the system. Under circumstances not all forms were displayed in the GUI whithin such deligated administration. With this update the display of refered administration forms is corrected for users who are delegated for system administration.

Misc: Backup of Zarafa locks E-Mail Ttraffic

During a backup of the Zarafa database no e-mails could be processed by the Zarafa server. From this update the backup of the Zarafa database is optimised by the option –single-transaction. E-mails can be thereby processed by the Zarafa server during a backup.

Misc: Zarafa caused high System Load

Zarafa Groupware can swap e-mail attachments from the database into the file system. Up to now the calculation of the necessary size for swapping was executed by the call of the configuration form Mail and Messaging -> Zarafa Groupware -> Configuration as well as when doing a configuration activation. and led to a high system load. This is corrected with this update, now the calculation takes place exclusively before deleting attachements from the database.


Add-on Software: New Licensing of Avira Antivir

The Anti Virus product Avira Antivir will now be identically licensed as all Collax Modules. With this method a higher handling comfort is reached and the separate Avira Antivir-License integration is now redundant. Updating the license manually will not be necessary anymore.

Add-on Software: Download Progress Bar when using Avira Antivir Web-Virus-Filter

The anti virus product Avira Antivir displayed a special progress bar while scanning downloaded files. With the new anti virus technology within this update this progress bar becomes superfluous. From this update the progress bar of Avira Antivir is going to be removed.

Misc: PHP update 5.3.6

In cause of the major-release of PHP 5.3.6 it is possible that files which use PHP have to be adapted.