Update 7.1.14 for Collax C-Server available


Two-factor-authentication, Collax Central, GUI help

Two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication also prompts the user for a one-time password after submitting their user name and password. The user can receive the one-time password either via an authentication app (e.g. Google Authenticator) or a security token, which is equipped with a small display. The one-time password is recalculated on the server and at the user every 30 seconds. Only the two parties can come to the same result based on the secret key and the current time. The user is only granted access to WebAccess after the one-time password has been entered by the user.

GUI help: The help fromthe administration interface has been completely revised. It is now more modern in appearance and has a search function for faster navigation. By changing the format from XML to Markdown, the maintenance effort is also significantly reduced. Last but not least, this should benefit the quality of the content.

Update available: In the future, an icon on the administration interface will inform you about new, available updates.

VPN: Two improvements were made for VPN functions: When establishing L2TP connections, it could happen that several users were assigned the same IP address. With certain proposal proposals for IKE tunnels, it could happen that the preferred settings were not negotiated.

Collax Central: There are four innovations or improvements for the Collax Central module; three of them concern the new central features from the last update 7.1.12.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of each product.