Edge computing - data processing at the source

What is edge computing?

Edge computing refers to a decentralised form of data processing in which computing power and data storage are placed closer to the data source. In contrast to centralised cloud environments, edge computing enables faster data processing and analysis directly at the source, which is particularly important for time-critical applications.

Why edge computing?

Traditional cloud infrastructures are reaching their limits in terms of latency and bandwidth requirements. Edge computing solves these challenges by processing data close to where it is generated. This is crucial for the Internet of Things (IoT), production environments (Industry 4.0) and in healthcare for local processing of patient data and much more where real-time processing of data is essential. This revolution opens up opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to optimally utilise their resources - from start-ups to international companies.

The future of data processing

In today’s networked world, the demand for fast and efficient data processing is becoming ever greater. Edge computing has emerged as a pioneering technology for processing data directly in the vicinity of devices or sensors. Collax V-Bien Edge ensures that edge computing is not only innovative, but also reliable in every respect.

With V-Bien Edge, you benefit from outstanding reliability and high availability. Our solution ensures that your system always works reliably and without interruption, even in demanding situations.

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Collax V-Bien Edge: The optimal solution for edge computing

With the V-Bien Edge, Collax has developed a customised solution to meet the specific requirements of edge computing.

Here are some reasons why the Collax V-Bien Edge is the optimal choice:

    1. Reliability and high availability

    V-Bien Edge ensures reliable business continuity. Even in the event of unexpected events or planned maintenance work, your system remains stable and always ready for use. Your data is protected and accessible at all times.

    1. Fast data processing on site

    With V-Bien Edge, data can be processed directly in the vicinity of the devices or sensors. This minimises delays (latency) and enables real-time responses, which is particularly important for time-critical applications.

    1. Reduced data transfer

    Local data processing means that only relevant information is transferred to central servers or the cloud. This saves bandwidth and reduces data transfer costs.

    1. Data protection and security

    By processing data on site, less sensitive information is sent over the internet, which increases security and data protection. Control of the data remains in the hands of the company.

    1. Simple integration

    The Collax V-Bien Edge can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures. This makes the transition to edge computing uncomplicated and efficient.

    1. Cost efficiency

    Edge computing reduces the need to use expensive cloud resources for each data processing task. This can lead to significant cost savings, especially when large amounts of data need to be processed.

Overall, Collax V-Bien Edge enables companies to benefit from the advantages of edge computing by placing data processing and applications closer to the locations of users and devices. This improves the performance, efficiency and security of the IT infrastructure.

Discover the future of computing with Collax V-Bien Edge. Learn more about our solutions and how they can drive your business forward.

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