Release Notes CSG 5.0.18

Collax Security Gateway

New in this Version

Add-on Software: MAJOR: New Update Method for Collax Virus Protection

The virus scanner Collax Virus Protection offers comprehensive antivirus protection for email, file and web services. For future updates of virus patterns it is necessary to install the new update method that is delivered within this Collax update.

NOTE: For users of the Collax Virus Protection this update has to be installed at the latest on October 8th 2010 to ensure future pattern updates of the Collax Virus Protection.


Collax SSL-VPN: Behaviour change of objects

With the new version of SSL-VPN the network permissions of all objects will be checked. Thus, the corresponding networks should be added to the group permissions. The port or interface for the SSL-VPN service does not have to be configured with this version.