Release Notes CPS 5.0.22

Collax Platform Server

New in this Version

Backup/Restore: Virtual Tape Library

The huge number of the backup targets became supplementedby a Virtual Tape Library. From partitioned storage media, like USB, eSATA-, iSCSI-to disk drives or logical volume the functions of a tape autoloader or tape library can be emulated.

Backup/Restore: Backup of Recovery Information to seperate Medium

Up to now the Recovery information was sent to the administrator by e-mail. From this update it is possible to save this information additionally on determined backup targets, like SMB/CIFS or NFS shares, USB, eSATA, or iSCSI disk drives.

Backup/Restore: File List Comparison (Accurate Mode)

Normally the decision, wether a file must be backuped within a incremental backup depends of the date of last modification. Thereby it cannot be ascertained which files were deleted since the last backup, or which have been added with an older modification date. With this new option such files are also backuped, while they are compared to a list of all files of the last backup.

Backup/Restore: Data Compression for Backup

From this update it is possible to compress the backup data This happens on file base. These are compression strengths between 1 and 9 eligible. Settings are made in the form Settings → System Operation → Backup → Basic Settings

Backup/Restore: Encryption of Backup Data

From this update it is possible, to encrypt the backup data with a certificate. Thus the data is made unreadable by third parties. Will the certificate be lost, data can be restored with a master certificate.

E-Mail: Option Fetch All E-Mails for POP3 Accounts

Now the option is available for post office boxes, to fetch all e-mails at the provider’s server. This regards also e-mails, which are already marked with the seen-flag by another e-mail client (MUA) like Outlook.

Collax Net Backup: New Backup Clients for Mac-OS-X and 64-Bit Windows

With this update new software clients Mac OS X and 64-bit Windows are available. The download link can be found in the form *Settings → System Operation → Backup → Clients *.

Collax Net Backup: Execute Scripts before and after Backup of Clients

On the basis of contents lists the backup system knows, which files or directories on the client are to be backuped. From this update on scripts, which run on clients either before or after a backup job, can be defined in every contents list. Such scripts can be used in addition to stop a service before a backup and start the service after the backup again.

Collax Net Backup: Backup of Extended File Attributes

Extended attributes describe meta data, for example the author or the encoding of files. Now in the configuration of contents lists it can be checkmarked, whether extended attributes should be backuped also. Extended attributes are supported prevailing by Linux- and Unix-based operating systems, like Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Max OS X or Solaris.

Collax Net Backup: Support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007

From this software update on Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 can be backuped with certain Storage Groups. On this occasion, it is possible, to execute incremental or differential backup instead of only full backups Microsoft Exchange. Exact instructions to the setup you will find at

Collax Net Backup: Availability of Clients before running Backup

Before the backup of a client is launched, the accessibility of the client is now examined. If the client is not reachable on port 9102, the related backup job will be skipped and the administrator will be informed by e-mail.

L’interfaccia per ricerca è adesso disponibile in lingua Italiana. Grazie a Paolo Vecchi from Omnis Systems. Inoltre la lingua italiana deve essere scelta nel Collax Web Access.

Misc: Zarafa Multi Server Mode

The Zarafa multi-server feature gives the possibility to distribute Zarafa Groupware over multiple servers. In this situation the Zarafa user stores are divided over several servers, but still acting as one central system. The multi-server mode can also be used to support larger number of users or to spread mailboxes over different geographical locations. With this Collax software update the Multi-Server Mode can be easily setup via Collax web administration GUI. Please find a short how-to here:

Issues Fixed in this Version

Backup/Restore: Spooling Option is not used

Since the version 5.0.20 the option Spooling activate had not been used any more. This is repaired with this software update. The option combined with tape drives it is correctly used again.

Backup/Restore: Import of Backup Catalog File

In the version 5.0.20 a new version of the data backup was installed. With that version it was not possible to import the catalogue files BackupCatalog.bsr from versions before 5.0.20. This is corrected with this update, catalogue files by all previous versions can be imported.

Collax E-Mail Archive: Split Backup of Archive Volumes and Archive ISOs

The e-mail archive does distinguish between the active archive volume, the inactive archive volume and the ISO files. Up to now all these data was backuped together within one backup job. Under circumstances this led to big storage requirements on the backup target. With this update the archive elements can be separated for backups. Now it is possible to backup just the active archive volume, instead of saving the complete archive inkluding all ISO files.

Collax E-Mail Archive: Error Messages from Index Process

For the e-mail archive the search index is updated daily. If e-mails are edited, on this occasion, the index process states that a wrong encoding or another error is given. The e-mail is still taken up into the search index. Up to now these error messages had been sent daily to the administrator. From this update on they will be written in the system log file.

Misc: Further Improvements

This update offers also some more improvements which are listes here: 33995: Double auth at phpmyadmin34398: Brick Level Backup alerts Permission denied34847: Delete/Revoke Certs does not work correkt34870: Fetch email process does not evaluate right the fetchmailrc33744: Services are restartet without reason, update to Nagios 3.2.3


With this update all functions of the modul will be installed and can be used on the server. In the list of additional modules in the “License and modules” formular the module will be shown as not installed. To solve this you have to run the Install action.

Add-on Software: New Licensing of Avira Antivir

The Anti Virus product Avira Antivir will now be identically licensed like all Collax Modules. With this method a higher handling comfort is reached.

Add-on Software: Download Progress Bar when using Avira Antivir Web-Virus-Filter

The anti virus product Avira Antivir displayed a special progress bar while scanning downloaded files. With the new anti virus technology within this update this progress bar becomes superfluous. From this update the progress bar of Avira Antivir is going to be removed.