Release Notes CGS 5.0.28

Collax Groupware Suite

New in this Version

GUI: Context-Sensitive placement of Forms from menu Filter

Until now the setting for email, spam, virus and web content filter were found in the main menu Filter. With this update the menu Filter is obsolete and the forms are now located in their related services. All the forms for the email security settings are now in Settings → Mail and Messaging → Mail Security. Regarding the settings for web content filtering, all forms are now in Settings → Networking → Web Security. The antivirus file scanning forms are now in Settings → Services → File-Shares.

Additional note that the settings for the virus scanners are no longer grouped by vendor. Instead they are now placed by vendor under their respective service.

Note: Please check the settings of the virus scanner once finished.

System Management: Installation from USB-Stick

It is now possible to install a Collax Server from USB-Stick after this update. The How-to can be downloaded from in every Server Product section within the menu Howto/White Paper.

Add-on Software: Collax Virus Protection is available

This version offers the Collax Virus Protection package that provides virus protection for e-mail and files. You can install this package under System → System Operation → Add-on-Software The configuration for emails is located under Settings → Mail and Messaging → Mail Security and for files under Settings → Services → File-Shares. For more information about the new add-on software, visit

Add-on Software: The Open Source virus scanner Clam-AV is now available to all relevant modules

ClamAV is an open source (GPL) antivirus engine designed for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats. ClamAV will be shipped with all relevant Collax Modules: Web Security, Mail Security, Net Storage and therefore all server products like Collax Business Server, Collax Security Gateway and Collax Groupware Suite containing the corresponding modules.

Add-on Software: Optimization of Virus Scanners

It is possible to use multiple virus scanners. All virus scanners in use can be configured independently. With this update the scan methods are optimized to avoid redundant scan procedures while scanning emails and files. The performance while scanning is increased.


Add-on Software: New Licensing of Avira Antivir

The Anti Virus product Avira Antivir will now be identically licensed like all Collax Modules. With this method a higher handling comfort is reached.