Release Notes CGS 5.0.10

Collax Groupware Suite

New in this Version

GUI: Display of Disk Usage

In the dialog Systeminformation the disk usage is additionally display within approved pie-charts.

Issues Fixed in this Version

E-Mail: Spam False Positives at the year 2010

Emails had been qualified more and more incorrectly as Spam if they had sent in 2010. This is fixed with this update, such emails are going to be qualified correctly.

Security: Network Time Protocol Daemon Ntp

In the source code of the network time protocol daemon Ntp security holes have been discovered. These holes will be closed within this Collax software update.

Assigned CVE numbers: CVE-2009-3563

Backup/Restore: Backup on USB Disks

With this update the system behavior for the backup to USB-harddisks has been improved if USB-harddisks temporarily are not connected.

Backup/Restore: Changing Password for CIFS Backup Targets

From this update the password for a CIFS backup target can be changed. The GUI blocked this process if multiple backup targets to the same CIFS-server were defined.

Hardware: Detection of SAS Tape Drives

The detection of SAS devices failed because of device names longer than 63 characters. This issiue is corrected within this update, such devices can be inserted into local processes like backup.

Misc: Zarafa 6.30.9 and Zarafa Webaccess

With this Collax software update the new version 6.30.9 of Zarafa Groupware is available. A problem within the Zarafa Webaccess that effects all prior Zarafa versions has been fixed.

The problem prevented calendar items from being created through the standard appointment dialog.


Add-on Software: New Licensing of Avira Antivir

The Anti Virus product Avira Antivir will now be identically licensed like all Collax Modules. With this method a higher handling comfort is reached.