Release Notes CBS 5.0.26

Collax Business Server

Installation Notes

Important: Fundemental changes of the core system

With this update fundemental changes of the core system will be installed.

The network manager linkd has been completely re-written. Thus it is advisable to check complex network scenarios to prevent eventually problems.

Because of the changes of the network components the admin gui is not reachable while the update progress.

New in this Version

GUI: Licensing of users pro module

The license model has been expanded, that additional modules are licensed seperatly by reference to the number of users. The limit check will be done pro module.

GUI: Auto-logout after 60 minutes

With this update an unused admin session will be automatically closed after 60 minutes.

GUI: Auto-logout after 60 minutes

With this update an unused admin session will be automatically closed after 60 minutes.

Net: Extended Ethernet Settings

With this update there is the possibility to configure extended settings for ethernet. The option RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) may be used if the cable setup of a network intentionally is used as a loop to provide fast switching of network paths. The Option GVRP (Generic Attribute Registration Protocol) makes it possible to automatically tell a switch the VLAN-Port configuration. With LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) other informations about the network can be shared. The discoverd topology will be graphically visualized.

Issues Fixed in this Version

Web Proxy: Squid 3.1

Squid has been updated to the new version 3.1 which allows the usage of Single-Sign-On for the webproxy via Kerberos.

Net: Proxy-Arp behaviour change

The Arp-Proxy-Service can be enabled for networks. This service will be updated within this Update. The following behaviour change may occur: For hosts which are reachable on the same interface no answer packets will be sent. In wrong configured DNAT-setups this may cause problems which did not occur before.

From this update on only network links whose configuration has changed will be reststarted within a configuration activation.


Add-on Software: New Licensing of Avira Antivir

The Anti Virus product Avira Antivir will now be identically licensed as all Collax Modules. With this method a higher handling comfort is reached and the separate Avira Antivir-License integration is now redundant. Updating the license manually will not be necessary anymore.

Add-on Software: Download Progress Bar when using Avira Antivir Web-Virus-Filter

The anti virus product Avira Antivir displayed a special progress bar while scanning downloaded files. With the new anti virus technology within this update this progress bar becomes superfluous. From this update the progress bar of Avira Antivir is going to be removed.

Misc: PHP update 5.3.6

In cause of the major-release of PHP 5.3.6 it is possible that files which use PHP have to be adapted.