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Alternatives for off-site backups

Expand your solution portfolio and secure your data off-site in German data centres.

Collax now offers an expanded range of cloud solutions to make your business even more efficient and secure. Our cloud services offer the flexibility and scalability your business needs, while your data is backed up off-site in highly secure German data centres. At Collax, we focus on on-premise solutions, but always complement them with cloud offerings when it makes sense, is secure and efficient, and ensures data sovereignty.

Our services

  • Data security in German data centres: We offer you the assurance that your data is stored safely and securely in our data centres in Germany.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Our customised cloud solutions allow you to store your data securely and access it efficiently.
  • Optimise your business processes: With our cloud services you can optimise your business processes and increase your efficiency.

The added value of Collax Cloud solutions

In our solution portfolio, our cloud solutions complement the on-premise technologies of Collax to offer you maximum flexibility and data security. Especially in the backup segment, this addition proves to be extremely useful. Cloud storage offers an efficient way to enhance your on-premise backups with additional security.

Alternatives for off-site backups

Collax offers several alternatives for off-site backups. Your data is securely stored in our highly secure data centre in Germany and protected by our proven technologies.

Find out how Collax Cloud solutions can increase data security and efficiency in your company. Contact us for more information or to arrange an individual consultation.


Our cloud solutions at a glance
Collax Cloud

Alternatives for off-site backups with Collax Cloud Storage

Acronis Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect - Backup Advanced for Collax Virtualization
with Acronis Cloud Storage