Update Collax V-Cube 7.5.0


Collax V-Cube Update 7.5.0 - New platform, many innovations.

The time has finally come! After long weeks and months of intensive work and tireless commitment, the development is complete and we can finally present the Collax V-Cube on the new platform. You can look forward to the many new features that we have developed for you. We look forward to showing you the result of our hard work and will present you with a simple and stable product as usual. Stay tuned and be one of the first to use our brand new Collax V-Cube version 7.5.0. We look forward to your feedback.

About the procedure: Before the upgrade can be installed, the interim update 6.9.50 must be installed. This serves to prepare for the replacement of all components. Please take your time and read the release notes.

At the moment the upgrade is only available for Collax V-Cube. The two clusters Collax V-Cube+ and Collax V-Bien will follow soon.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of the individual products.