Update Collax V-Bien 6.9.6 and Collax V-Cube, V-Cube+ 6.9.6


Collax V-Transfer - Collax V-Update 6.9.6

We are pleased to present the new Collax V-Transfer module to you today. It gives administrators more flexibility when handling the VMs and increases the scalability in the interaction of Collax V-Bien, Collax V-Cube and Collax V-Cube +. Because Collax V-Transfer provides functions to transfer VMs between the products as required.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, it is possible to transfer a VM directly between two Collax V servers or to change the storage type and other properties before the transfer. Before the transfer starts, a detailed check is made to determine whether the VM can be operated on the other side. Actions that influence the smooth transmission and errors during the transmission are prevented or intercepted.

Together with Collax Central, the operation of Collax virtualization solutions is significantly increased again. A transfer can be conveniently initiated via the dashboard.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of each product.

Installation instructions

After the installation of a node an automatic restart of the respective node takes place.

TIP: With the Check for Updates and Download Updates action, you can download the software packages to the nodes before you set the nodes to maintenance mode.