Collax Server Update 7.2.0 - Platform-Upgrade


Today we are pleased to present you the upgrade of the C-Servers

The new version brings all packages to a new state, almost always it is an major version upgrade. This also means that the upgrade will update all packages (sic. without exception) and will take a little longer than usual.

Another big change is the new administration interface. It has been modernized and immediately catches the eye with its fresher, new design.

The upgrade 7.2.0 is preceded by a preparation update 7.1.100, which is installed first. If the update function is then called again, the upgrade to 7.2.0 is then performed.

Please refer to the section “Installation notes”, especially regarding the duration of the upgrade. As well as the information about the discontinuation of some functions; summarized in the section “Collax Server Update 7.2.0 - Upgrade”.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of each product.