Update 7.1.20 for Collax C-Server available


With this update we want to make the administrator’s work much easier. Highlights are the host check and the VPN profiles

The host check is displayed whenever another server is specified on the administration interface. The reachability (ping) of this server is tested live and displayed. As if that were not enough, a live check is also performed to see whether a DNS request is resolved and the appropriate port is answering.

With the VPN profiles, the remote stations of IPsec tunnels can be configured quickly and easily. Supported remote peers include Collax Server, NCP Secure Entry Windows Client, iOS and macOS, as well as the strongSwan app for Android.

Collax Central also undergoes some innovations that facilitate the administrator’s work. Valuable feedback from the field gave rise to the enhancements.

Further information and details can be found in the Release-Notes of each product.