What does Stonith Deathmatch mean?

If the interconnect fails, both nodes will try to switch off the respective partner. If they both succeed, this is called a Deathmatch.

The Collax Fencing Device is designed so that it is impossible to send a second command for shutdown.

To reliably prevent both a split-brain situation and a deathmatch, the Collax Fencing Device has an independent communication channel for communication that cannot be affected by the interconnect failure. In addition, the Collax Fencing Devices supply each other with power so that they can communicate with each other even in the event of a node failure.

  • Effective protection against split brain and deathmatch
  • Independent communication channel
  • No admin fencing necessary
  • No quorum with three nodes required
  • Expandable with Collax Fencing Expander
  • Automatic configuration